REInvest Greece is your full service provider to the Greek Real Estate market (ΓΕΜΗ 162640403000) . At REInvest Greece, our team of industry and regional specialists take pride in providing unparalleled, real estate services to corporate and institutional investors.

From initial market research to successful transaction closure, our highly experienced agents work with a network of regional brokers to ensure that we maximize the value of your assets, whether it’s through sales or leasing.

Our services include¨»

  • Initial asset review and recommended asking price :
  • Preparation and implementation of the appropriate marketing strategy for each asset
  • Choosing the optimal sale channels and monitoring their efficiency.
  • Identification of prospective investors (both local and international) who are regularly updated with opportunities.
  • Working with third-party real estate brokers to maximize the possibilities for the sale or leasing of even the most challenging properties
  • Identification and negotiation with potential buyers to maximize the result
  • Deal closing support through to the finalization of the sale.