High Quality Services from REInvest


As a leading real estate agency, our team of experts provides consultation services, helping buyers navigate the market, providing professional guidance and support throughout the sales process.


REInvest is a Certified Valuer by the Ministry of Finance (Registration No 107) with our team consisting of experienced valuers certified by RICS and/or the European organisation of Valuers. Our valuation reports are prepared in accordance with the European Valuation Standards (EVS) and International Valuation Standards (IVS) ensuring quality and compliance with your needs.

Asset regeneration

Our asset management portfolio solutions add economic, social, and environmental value to our clients and relevant stakeholders.

Our experienced team of engineers, lawyers and other real estate specialists bring a thorough understanding of the Greek real estate market and built environment to your portfolio.

We take an owner’s approach to the portfolio’s life cycle, from strategy through to execution, identifying, minimizing, and managing all relevant risks.

Why choose REInvest

With over 40 years of experience, REInvest brings a wealth of expertise to its clients. Founded in 1980, we've accumulated extensive knowledge in property management and real estate services. However, our clients gain more than just our know-how. Our distinctive approach sets us apart. We offer personalized, tailor-made services, adjusting our strategies to each client's specific assets, projects, and portfolio. Our holistic 360° approach ensures a comprehensive experience for buyers, sellers, and renters, catering to individual needs.

Our team of dedicated property experts stands ready to provide unparalleled support. Armed with local insights and extensive market knowledge, they guide clients through every step. From navigating the intricacies of purchasing to managing paperwork and identifying potential risks, we safeguard our clients' interests.

As a proud member of the Resolute Group, operating in 11 countries globally, REInvest offers clients significant advantages. Our commitment to staying ahead of market trends and technological advances empowers us to provide data-driven market research, translating into sustainable value and favorable deals for our clients.

Ultimately, our clients benefit from saved time, money, and effort. We alleviate stress by managing complexities and streamlining processes. With REInvest as a partner, clients enjoy comprehensive support that leads to successful outcomes.